How to get rid of nail fungus fast

About the fungus, probably everyone has heard of. And always, it seems that this happens to him can not. However, this is a misconception and the fungus can appear absolutely anyone. And that's why, you must know how it looks and what measures need to be taken. If you don't treat this disease, there may be dire consequences and treatment will be very costly and time-consuming.

How to get rid of nail fungus

So, nail fungus is an infection that can be transmitted from one person to another. Very often people pick up an infection while taking a bath or shower in public showers or baths. Also it is easy to get from the most common devices for nails, tweezers or scissors. For this reason it is not necessary to borrow and share these items with other people. In addition, the process of the manicure, you should pay attention to how the master handles the tools for manicure. Unfortunately, the fungus may appear from the usual shock or damage to the nail.

How to get rid of nail fungus fast

In the beginning people even think can not, that is actually not just a bruise or injury, at this time the fungal infection will develop rapidly. Then the nail begins to disintegrate, peel off and make ugly look.

In order to get rid of nail fungus fast the first step is to prepare the following ingredients:

  • 15% barium sulfide, and the usual talc;
  • resorcinol;
  • salicylic or benzoic acid;
  • regular vaseline;
  • iodine;
  • medical potassium iodide;
  • lanolin;
  • crystalline iodine;
  • the special preparation".

Of potassium iodide and lanolin prepare a creamy mixture and oil within 10 days, apply to the affected nail. Then remove the soft remains of the nail and covers the following product ( 10 g lanolin and potassium iodide + 0.2 Gy. crystalline iodine). Parallel to drink antifungal medication prescribed by your dermatologist. Every evening it is necessary to steam out feet and brush gently clean the affected area from nail within 2 weeks.


How to cure nail fungus

Everyone should know the signs of nail fungus and when they occur immediate action.

  • The symptoms of nail fungus:
  • Seal and abundant brittle nail;
  • The appearance of the crumbs under the nail;
  • Strong surface roughness;
  • Distorted form and texture;
  • Pale, too dull or dark color of the nail plate.

If you have found such symptoms on at least one nail, the urgent need to take action. The first step is to visit a dermatologist, get tested (scraping) and get the result. Only on the basis of this result it is possible to begin treatment. Methods of treatment of nail fungus there are many, but not all are suitable to the particular occasion and rarely found effective ways. A prerequisite to a full recovery, is the use of special antifungal medications that can be prescribed only by a qualified dermatologist. A lot of different capsules, varnishes, plasters, and creams. Also, there are folk remedies in the struggle for healthy and beautiful nails. Varnishes are not used more than 2 times per week, they are suitable for entry-level nail disease. Patches perfectly exfoliate the damaged nail surface, accelerating the healing. The most effective way antifungal ointment or cream. In combination with medications and regular treatments to cure nail fungus will probably be the fastest way. In the treatment process must be constantly disinfected the shoes with a solution of formalin. Tights and socks also need to disinfect, it can be done if you boil them for 20 minutes in the soda solution, as well as bed linen. Definitely need to iron all the things carefully .


The popular treatment of nail fungus

Often faced with the nail fungus, begin to treat him with folk remedies. They are also cheaper and sometimes much more effective than expensive pills. Better folk remedy for many diseases is iodine. So the first remedy is based on this ingredient. For 2 weeks morning and evening to smear on the affected nails 5% alcoholic solution of iodine. To quality treatment is to treat and the neighboring nails, but not more than one day. If you start a slight burning sensation, tooth and unpleasant soreness around your nails, it means that there is an active healing process. However, the pain should not be too strong, in this case you want to skip the procedure.

A great remedy for nail fungus, it is propolis. You should use a 20% infusion is and effective treatment of nail fungus. So, it's necessary to soak a cotton swab in the tincture and constantly apply it to the affected nail. The procedure is repeated daily for 20 days.

An excellent treatment of infectious diseases of nails based on mushroom tea. Plate Kombucha applied to the nail, carefully wrapped with cellophane and tightly wrap it at night. This compress may cause very severe pain, but it simply needs to survive and not to remove the tool. Only in the morning take it off, thoroughly wash the leg with warm water to get rid of the soft spots of the nail and skin after which treated with iodine. Repeat procedure 3 times in one day.

Folk remedies for nail fungus

In that case, if the nail is infected with fungus, you should take urgent measures for its treatment. A lot of effective national recipes can be saved from this disease.

A good recipe which you can prepare yourself in the following way: combine 1:3 acetic acid 70%, and glycerin, then add 4 drops of tea oil.

Golden mustache

More gentle prescription ointments against nail fungus: mix the cream and the protein of one egg + 1 tablespoon of vinegar. Apply to the affected nails and wrapped with plastic bag and put on socks.

Ointment on the basis of dimethyl phthalate. Recipe: 1 teaspoon of dimethyl phthalate, 1 tbsp vinegar or regular vegetable oil, add raw egg, all mix and put in refrigerator for a few hours. The mild form of athlete's foot you can make a compress only at night, wearing special bags and socks. But in severe form of the disease, it is recommended to wear it constantly. Helps compress of vinegar or iodine, daily packs of ash, propolis, or the Golden mustache.